Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Props to PrissE's Peep!

On this, my first day home from my Denver-Vaca, I would like to issue a few "props to my peeps" for doing me a few "solids:"

1.  To Oma--thanks for saddling yourself to my sweet kids for 105 hours--give or take some minutes--and making sure that they received the appropriate level of parental guidance so as not to alert CPS!  YOU ROCK, OMA!!!!

2.  To Opa--thanks for "batch-ing it" for 105+ hours while Oma was held hostage, I MEAN stayed with the kids so that I could go to Denver with Mr. Analytical!  You, too ROCK!!!

3.  To my local Starbucks--on Milwaukee & the Marsha Sharp--THANK YOU for the free drink this morning!!  How did you know that we did not have time for bank-card-swiping-waiting-on-the-receipt-because-the-exhaust-warning-light-suddenly-illuminated????  Plus, that's just $4.65 cents I can put toward having my recently-expired-warranty-car put into the shop!!!

4.  To the Cardinals Coaches (you know who you are)--WAY TO GO!!!!!!  Thanks for being there when Mr. Analytical can't...which seems to have been quite a lot lately!

5.  To the Cardinals Boys Baseball Team--Just another day of being absolutely awesome, right boys?!  You just can't help but ooooooze that righteous killer skill on the diamond!  YOU GUYS ROCK for doing your jobs, and doing them well!!!!!!!!

6.  To the Southwest Airline Pilots flying us from Vegas to Denver--thank you for doing your jobs!!  I don't know if you used your hands, your feet, auto-pilot, manual drive, a shot of whiskey and a slap across the face, or what.....but you sure did jet us right through that "slight turbulence" and set us down on the ground mighty skillfully!!

6.  And, last, but not least--to all my peeps who prayed-up Oma and our trip-safety.  I'm pretty sure that when the bottom fell out from under our plane as it descended into Denver, Jesus pulled those prayers off the shelf and put them into action!  Lord knows my poor mom doesn't deserve to have raise my children....she so artfully & effortlessly made it through raising me.  That should be reward enough for one parent!

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!  It's where my heart is!!!!


  1. glad you had so much fun on the trip! also, glad you're home!! ;)

  2. I am glad you had a great time away and it is always good to praise the peeps that make the tires on the wheels of life run smoothly :)