Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life is short, wear striped panties.

SEVERAL months ago, PrissE and I were spending a lovely sun-filled day at the pool with our whole bunch of children, when one of PrissE's friends from her new school stopped by. We visited some, had the proper introductions (I can't remember her name now) and said goodbye.

As PrissE's new school friend left, I commented that as a grown woman, shouldn't that lady know that she was wearing striped panties underneath her very stylish white Bermuda shorts?

The two of us laughed.... only briefly, as we pondered how many people would see that friend all over town as she ran her errands. Otherwise, perfectly made up, and obviously ready for a fun-filled summer afternoon of activities.

It was a brief moment in our lives, but I remember it.

Yesterday, I knew it was laundry day because there was ONE lone pair of panties in my drawer. I was very thankful that one pair was left, and being proud of general good hygiene sense, I slipped that pair of panties on. I finished off my Saturday outfit with some turquoise capri pants, a cute red t shirt, and my new sneaks before dashing to the grocery store.

I went to Walgreens, Michael's, the gas station and the United Grocery store, before heading home with my carload of purchases. It was only as I was unloading the car that a child asked me if I always wore striped panties on Saturday.

I just paused briefly before replying,

'Not always.... today is a special Saturday.'


  1. Gurl, is that Karma or WHAT?!?! Makes me grateful I don't own any with stripes..........paisley's & swirls don't show through! (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)

  2. If you had a special scheduled day of the week to wash panties, you wouldn't end up with the lone pair of striped panties. I'm just sayin'.....

  3. oh PrissE, now i know what you need for Christmas! :)

    and, Amy, your laundry schedule is too much pressure for someone like me. i'll just have to take my chances.