Friday, October 22, 2010

Now we know.

We didn't know what we were missing. We'd never 'won' a Fair Fish.

'Those fish never last more than a week,' Amy promised. 'Sometimes, they don't even survive the car ride home!' Sarah swore. It's a win-win situation. We must allow the boys an opportunity to experience a Fair Fish.

And so, a plan was hatched.

It was decided that we would meet up with Sarah, Amy and Matt at the Fair. We'd eat some food, win a fair fish or two, and the experience would be complete. One more thing to check off the bucket list.

Approximately five minutes and $7 later, two spectacular gold fish were bagged up and in our hands. The first, a lovely gold girl with a white tail, was named Amy-fish. The second, more solid gold, but equally lovely, was named Sarah-fish.

Here's some things that we didn't consider:
1. Someone must hold the 'bag-o-fish' until it dies, or we get home.
2. What if the fish doesn't die?

I think we should take these topics one at a time. First, we all mainly took turns holding the bags-o-fish. We observed Amy-fish looking a little 'green around the gills' and Sarah-fish swimming happily. (Naturally, bets were placed on who would die first.) The sharing of the bag holding continued until it was time to load up and go home. At that time, I carefully placed both bags-o-fish in the passenger side of the air conditioned pick up truck while we loaded the trailer. The entire time, we all carefully tiptoed when near that door in hopes the fish bags would remain standing.

We believe Amy-fish enjoyed the air conditioning and the truck ride home, but she didn't survive very many hours out of the bag. Typical Fair fish experience complete.

Sarah-fish still lives! It's been almost three weeks, we all talk to her as we pass her bowl. She is happily swimming around a new habitat, and demands food frequently. Are we emotionally attached to a Fair Fish? Fox believes we have shattered the life expectancy of any Fair fish, ever, in as long as those records have been kept.

Every morning he proclaims, 'Sarah-fish still lives!'

Unusual Fair fish experience still underway. See blog stalkers? You just never know what you'll get. Isn't that lovely?


  1. have a long way to go to beat the "Longest Life of a Fair Fish". My oldest child won one I think her Freshman year in High School. It finally died her Freshman year in college. We still talk about how long that little fish lived. I hope Sarah Fish lasts that long!

  2. Yay for Sarah-fish!! What a happy little life she has with a wonderful family who proclaims her living each day!

  3. That's awesome!! We had 2 "fair fish" that lived a couple of years. Good Luck Sarah-fish!!