Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Stuff

Sometimes, I make stuff.

I even like to make a lot of stuff for other people! I enjoy it! Makes me feel like I brightened some one's day.

Sometimes, the stuff is super simple. Sometimes, the stuff is moderately simple. Bottom line is.... I CAN make stuff.

PrissE and I write stuff for this blog. Funny stuff. Sometimes, super funny. Sometimes, only funny to us. Bottom line is... we CAN write some stuff.

Fortunately for me, I have surrounded myself with a community of friends that are super talented! Super funny! Super smart! And, not just with the simple stuff..... sometimes, really hard stuff.

This friend has some ideas that will blow your socks off!! Not hard stuff. Just great stuff for your daily life. She enjoys this stuff, and I love that about her. She brightens my day, and gives me ideas on how to make my life better.

I have another friend who is a young mother. She is inspiring to me. Recently, my sweet little Mav had some grade issues at school. In order to 'motivate' him to strive for excellence, the Bossman and I decided to limit his sweets intake. Mav's reply was short, but to the point. "You're trying to starve me to death!"

I had those words ringing in my ears when I read my friend's inspiring post about lunches. Who knew? I didn't even know what a bento box was!

I have this friend, who is certain that NO ONE reads her blog. She's my fearless Stampin' UP! leader! She's bossy, skinny and cute. Somehow, I've been able to look past those things and love her anyway! (smile) She reminds me daily that I'm the only One of Me there is. That's important. That's special. That's worthy. AND.... that's enough.

I'm really lucky, because I have a whole bunch of other friends (that don't have blogs) that inspire me to be a better person on a daily basis. The love me even when I come up short. They come to my classes even when they've already made that project and while they're there.... they love it just as much as the first time.

The moral of this story is simple. Share your stuff.


  1. You are an inspiration to so many Miss Sassy! I got goosebumps reading this post. I'm so happy to know you and count you as my friend.

  2. you are so wonderful and have inspired me in so many ways throughout the years from stampin' to friendship. i'm blessed to have you as a friend! and you are absolutely correct the moral to the story share your stuff is so true and wonderful!! i am so happy to be in a time when sharing and connecting and finding friends and strangers to connect with and learn from is so wonderfully accessible!!

  3. I'm thankful that our "stuff" goes back decades!

  4. Awwww.... You are such a special friend and I don't think I'd make it through my days without your friendship! Thank goodness for email! :)