Friday, October 8, 2010

Week in Review: A list of oddities

1. I have received 23 text messages from my teenager in the past two days with zero words spelled correctly. I can read all of them.

2. I found out that 5th grade math is too hard for me.

3. One of my pre teens just informed me that his nostrils whisper to him and tell him to raise his arms up and wave them around during classes at school when he is bored.

4. My other pre teen has started greeting me by saying, 'Hey baby, how 'ya doin'?' Complete with nostril flare.

5. I tripped walking in flip flops. Twice.

6. It's cool enough now, that I've worn jeans two days in a row. Both of those days, my husband told me I had a 'nice ass'.

7. Three boys asked me to paint green/black RHS on their chests for the Friday night football game.

Not these three.

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