Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teachers Matter

Late last night, just before bedtime, Mav brought me a stack of papers all clipped together and just sorta tossed them at me.... 'Here.... it's everything we did in Mrs. C's English class the whole first six weeks, Fox threw his away. We're done with them.'

I thought, OK, whatever... tucked the little boy in bed then flipped through the papers. First of all, Mrs. C writes funny little messages on the papers, that was entertaining! Then, I read one of the 'letter' assignments, and just knew I wanted to share it.

Teachers, just in case you ever wondered if you made a difference in a child's life, please, don't give up. You are important, and it does matter.

Dear Mrs. Coleman,

How are you? How is your school going? You haven't missed me, have you?

My school year is going really good, and I think that I am Mrs. C's favorite student. My favorite class is art because we get to draw. My second favorite class is band because it is fun to play the saxophone. Outside of school, my dad is taking me dove hunting a lot.

You need to talk to my mom on Facebook. Until I walk by your classroom, I guess I should say, 'bye'.

Let me just also tell you that Mav asks once a week if he can visit Mrs. Coleman. She's just one of the teachers in our lives that have made a difference.

Mrs. C gave a different assignment earlier in the six weeks. I'm not sure all the details, but she asked them to write something about a favorite teacher. Neither of them wrote about PrissE (who is a fabulous teacher!) I quizzed them later why they didn't choose PrissE?

They answered with great disgust, 'She never taught US!'

And with that, we know one of the things PrissE will never live down.... a promise to teach a set of twins, that didn't happen, and they will never forget!

** Yes, I know the photo is of three sixth graders, and that's NOT a set of twins, but you've been reading this blog long enough to know that two of them are the twins, and that other one is Mr. D. Plus, it's a cute picture of boys too big for a slide.

** Note to readers... Mrs. Coleman is a real person, real teacher, and all around real awesome person to know. I still love her even though Weight Watchers Points took all her fluff away! Her name has been left the same so that all of you will go up to her and give her a huge hug!

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