Tuesday, December 8, 2009


tap, tap, tap....

this thing on??

Hello? People?

Why doesn't anyone ever leave a comment? If I wanted to just talk to PrissE, I'd call her on the phone. We're constantly entertaining together on a phone conversation. Maybe we should just record one of those?

Leave a comment.

Offer us a book deal.

Tell us what you think?


  1. You know what I think....book deals for everyone.

  2. I know you aren't talking to me! Also, I didn't know there were contest! I'm going to do everything I can to win -- parking in close spaces, celebrity stalking, etc. I'll keep you posted!!

  3. you're right rhonda! i'm NOT talking to you!! :)

    and, you better keep me posted on your progress towards becoming the 'fan of the day'!!

    this is gonna be fun!!!

    i can't wait to hear about all the adventures!