Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Talking About Girls--From the 2-DQ-Dudes

How, exactly, do 9-year-old boys feel about girls and the things they do?  People, this is a true story....seriously....I couldn't make this up if I tried!

The 2-DQ-Dudes

MM-So do you have any girls? I have 0.

Big- You dont have any girls in your class!?!

MM-No!!! I have 0 girlfriends!!!

Big-(Laughing) Ohhh! I don't have any girlfriends either.

MM-Hey-you have freckles like me right?


MM-Tell the girls they are angel kisses-they love stuff like that!

Big-Okay (laughing).

MM-Why do girls think they look good with make up on?

Big-I don't know.

MM-I think rich girls start to wear make up way to soon and it makes them look ugly.  

Big-Yeah sometimes rich girls are really mean.

MM-My mom says that you need to like a girl who loves Jesus and if she doesn't she can make your life really miserable.

Big-Yeah loving Jesus is really important.

MM-Now women, they need to wear make up...have you ever seen my mom without makeup?!?!  Looks like she having a sinus infection...Some girls in CM's class wear make up-he doesn't like it either.

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  1. that angel kisses line is true.... that boy is smart!