Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Open Letter to Boys

Dear Boy aged 14-16,

You're not 'all that'. Deodorant is not optional. You're not invisible when you pick your nose. Yes, girls notice. Also? Please pull up your pants, take a shower, and consider a haircut.

All My Love,

Every Substitute Teacher in the Universe


  1. I would like to add:

    Thank you for your smiles, your laughter and the fact that you still love a good snowball fight. Thank you for the way you act when you think no 'girls' are watching.

    You'll be a good husband and father someday, but for now.... please stop calling me Ms. or Dude.


  2. comment I tried to leave yesterday was: "And, when I call you on the carpet for oozing your stupid gene on your Y chromosome, don't look at me with that 'who? me? i'm all shocked and stuff!' expression! it only ADDS to your stupid gene on your Y chromosome!!!"