Friday, December 11, 2009

YES she did.....

The list of things moms do is long. Super long.

You guys probably remember a post PrissE wrote one time about the 'Expectant Mothers' parking spot at the grocery store. In theory, this is probably a super nice thing for the store to do. In reality, all moms deserve that spot at one time or another.

I'm so proud of our fan and our friend, Tiffany R!! She recently took a delightful coffee conversation and put it into action!

Everyone, picture this: Six super fun moms all sitting in the new Barnes & Nobel -Starbucks just enjoying the morning. Everyone is coming or going from some 'Mom' job, and we're just all taking a brief moment to re-fuel on caffeine and friendships. The one thing that makes the morning special? No one planned to meet there, we just all ended up there together.

Conversation turns to the parking spot. We all start to laugh! The moms that really need that spot are the moms of teenagers, or the moms with 3 children or more. (OR, Moms of multiples! I've been there, done that!) Those are the moms that rarely have their eyeliner on straight, are often late, and are frequently stopping by the grocery store to either feed a random child or set of children, or to pick something up that is 'essential' but has been forgotten until 10 minutes before it's needed.

We all laugh! Really, the mom that needs the expectant mom parking spot could be any of us! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we started a new trend. Hey moms! If you need the close spot at the grocery store, park there! Use the spot! If you have a new baby, park further away, you're probably still exercising, expecting that 'baby weight' to melt off. (Bless your heart, I don't want to burst any bubbles here.)

Or, how about this? ALL Moms, let's work together on this! If you need to park close, do it! And, if you see some Mom parking close without a baby.... don't judge.

So, back to Tiffany.

She did it.

One delightfully busy day, she pulled up at the grocery store, parked in the expectant mom parking spot and exited the giant mom car with only her teenager with her. Oh, poor teenager... sweet thing was EMBARRASSED that Tiffany parked there. 'Mom, you can't park here!!'

Tiffany replied (at the top of her voice, while walking into the store), 'YES I can! Today, I am an expectant Mom. I expect my children to do many things they haven't done yet. Also? I have FOUR children! So, stare at me if you must, but today I need the close parking, so I'm taking it!'

Thank you Tiffany!

Your boldness empowers us all!!


  1. Yay for Tiffany!!! Oh that is so true! We do all need it at one point in time or another. Take it fellow moms, take it!!

  2. All I can say is, Thank You. FINALLY that spot has earned it's "place!"