Monday, November 30, 2009

Adventures in Substitute Teaching: My own kid in class.

Imagine my delight as I discover my own delightful teenager listed on the roll sheet of my current substitute teaching assignment! It's going to be a fun day!!

Precious teacher has left a reminder:

Please remind the class that the comparison/contrast essay is due on Monday.

After further investigation, I find out that the essay was assigned two weeks ago. My teenager is currently shrinking in his seat at the speed of light. Will he disappear before the end of class? That's the question.

Sidebar with my own teenager:

Jag: Mom, I've started it. I SWEAR!

Me: That's Mrs. Substitute Sassy to you teenager. You have a busy weekend ahead of you.

(Giant eye stare, other boys chuckle.)

Me: Shall I visit with all your moms?

The rest of the class in Unison: No Mam.

Me: Great! So, we understand what's happening during this time?

In Unison: Yes.

As it turns out, having your own teenager in class has it's definite advantages. Key among them: due dates.


  1. poor poor teenager! his essay writing hand must still be reeling!!

  2. So - how many mom's did you call?

  3. didn't have to call any of them.... i saw most of them at the basketball game that night. the boys were totally terrified.... we laughed. moms are the best!