Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's the thing.....

Everyone listen up. I have a dyslexic child, who is now a teenager.

That's the fact.

Here's the reality of that fact:

Things like math facts and spelling words are new to Jag every time he sees them. Try explaining to the teacher why he mis-spells his own name. Time has no meaning to him;therefore, due dates are really just random numbers. We have no idea how to organize most things, remember most things or prioritize most things. Guess what? It's always been like this. Guess what else? We continue to thrive.

Here's another fact:

Public school doesn't respect us. That's just how it is. Most teachers are awesome! They do everything they can possibly do to help Jag get through the school day. Terrific teachers are under paid and under appreciated. Most teachers are terrific. Some of them, are not..... they can take a flying leap! Teaching isn't for everyone, learn a new life skill.

I've received a slight bit of grief over the past two posts about Jag. Just a tiny bit, and I want you guys to know this is our life. Good, bad, ugly and mis-spelled. This is our reality. I love it. We have to be able to laugh about it. These are the facts of our daily life, it brings me joy.

So, here's the thing....

Jag is a brilliant teenage boy. He doesn't do anything the way I think it should be done, but we get it done anyway. You might be surprised at the things you can learn to do differently. Guess what? It's OK to be different. Really.

He has tons of family and extended family and friends that love him. I mean... really LOVE that boy!! And, we laugh.... A LOT! Jag is the first one to laugh. He laughs even when I am crying, because he's an awesome boy.

End of story.


  1. We all know you love Jag! You are the first one to make lemonade out of lemons - which is what I love about you! Keep smilin'!!

  2. and the boy is amazing. that's just a fact. none other like him...and he's a TOTAL product of his humorous and supportive environment!