Monday, November 9, 2009

"Old People Are Dumb!" (thus thinketh young people...)

*I haven't talked to Sassy in like, 6 hours!  I have got to call that gurl!*
dial, ring, ring, ring...

Mav:  Hello?

PrissE:  Hey, Mav!  Whatcha doing?

Mav:  Nothing.

PrissE:  Did your doorbell just ring?  Do you need to answer it?  

Mav:  Yeah, the doorbell rang.  It's probably our friend, the Prince of Paleness.  He always just rings the doorbell twice.

PrissE:  Oh, so the Postman Always Rings Twice, huh?  (you know...from the 1946 movie starring Lana turner...).

Mav:  No.  It's the Prince of Paleness.  *duh!  PrissE's getting old, I guess...suffering a little dementia.  Poor old thing.*

PrissE:  Okay...So, are you home by yourself?

Mav:  No.  the Prince of Paleness is here.  *Jeez!  AND she's hard of hearing!  May be even one brick shy of a load...*

PrissE: your mom there?

Mav:  Yeah.  She just hollered, "Someone get the phone!"

PrissE:  Oh.  Okay.  Just tell her I called and to holler at me when she gets a chance.  Bye, now.

Mav:  Okay.  Bye.  *Deaf for sure!  And, it won't be long now and she'll be tucking her dress into her pantyhose in public and walking around with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe...that sure will be funny!*

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  1. aaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

    true story ya'll! i was there!!