Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just an FYI......and No. I'm not jealous.

Here's a little "free advice," from me to you--a little FYI, if you will.

Ladies (and men who choose to.....well, you know who you are),
Let me bend your ear regarding your fashion choices.

If your dress is so short that, as you walk out onto the stage of the David Letterman Show, you have to hold onto it and pull it down as you walk, perhaps--and I'm just going out on a limb here--perhaps your dress is a titch TOO SHORT!

Also, if you are unable to even walk like homosapien erectus (that's 'human being' for all of you who can't do Rocket-Cereal Science like I...) while entering the David Letterman Show stage due to the fact that your stilettos are approximately 3-5 inches shy of sending you "ass over tea-kettle" (as my sweet Granny--in her Alzheimer years--used to say), perhaps you might want to invest in a lovely pair of BALLET FLATS!

Consider this a simple Safety saving you from sharing your "naughties" with the general North American viewing public while in the process of making the bloopers reel via the tumble you take thanks to the body-bucking stilettos your scooting across that stage.  No thanks necessary,'s my job.

P.S. Good luck with that whole 'sports' thing you've got going......


  1. thank you for keeping us all safe!!

  2. Gurl! You know it's what we do for each other!