Friday, February 26, 2010

Sometimes, I get bored.....

Sometimes, I get bored of my daily life. I live in a painfully small town, one of those places with dirt roads and no stop lights. We have one stop sign, and it fell down last week, and no one noticed. It gets boring here, especially in the winter, when it's so cold you can't go outside for any length of time. It's a slow pace of life.

Last week, when I was especially bored with my daily life, I decided to shake things up. Yes, I'm entertaining only myself at this point.

I wore fake eyelashes. I wore them all day. I made strange faces at people, blinked wildly at them, and made conversation with folks in the hallway for no reason. I stood around all day laughing at myself. I did it all because I was bored with daily life.

No one noticed. I must have applied them really well, because my attempt to shake things up, resulted in only my amusement. Some people thought I was crazy for all the blinking, but really? Those people probably already thought I was crazy, even before the blinking.

I think I should try something else. Anyone got any funny ideas?


  1. LOVE the fake eyelashes!!

    I think you should just go all out and wear a tiara...and pretend it's just as normal as wearing pants.

    Course...I tend to think that ALL girls should just go around wearing tiara's all day. I do this when I'm home...especially when I'm having to clean or something...but haven't had the guts to venture out.

  2. love how you amuse yourself and the rest of us!! love it!!

    i think you should try a purple streak in your hair. look good with the tiara too!!

  3. what cell phone do you have? if an iphone or android, get the fart app. put it in your pocket and walk around pushing various fart buttons when you pass people. even more fun to do it with the boys and blame them openly and wildly.