Wednesday, February 3, 2010

YO Quiero!!!

Sometimes, as the celebrity personalities--and owners--behind Tales from the Compact, it's Sassy's and my responsibility to be among the "movers and shakers" in our community (a little too 1970's creepy disco dude, huh?  sorry).

This past weekend was just that occasion!  Mr. Analytical and I attended one of his hospital's biggest fundraising events of the year:  The Gala!  Wonderful food, terrific entertainment, every one in their cocktail-best, and all for a great cause.  Plus, the local celebs come out in force!!

Naturally, we rubbed elbows with local news and radio personalities, some of the most influential financial-moguls in town and many business owners (yes, I was kinda outta place--country come to town fer sher! but my dress was hot!).  One of my favorite celebrity-acquaintances that I made at this fancy shindig was with local business man, Darrin Camp, and his absolutely fantastic wife, Julia (it's totally true, too, that behind every great man there's a ROCKIN' wife!!).  Darrin and his family own the local Taco Bell franchise.

As most of you know, Taco Bell has recently launched a "drive-thru weight-loss" campaign in order to inject themselves into the "healthier living" fast food market.  I, as a current owner of what I call a body powered by fast food--hence I carry an extra pound or two, am terribly skeptical of said marketing tactic.........and, after a small margarita, I felt compelled to make sure that Darrin understood my skepticism!  That's right.  I jumped up on my high horse and rode that pony all night.

Needless to say, by evening's end, my precious new friend was justifying as fast as he could....but, my loyal-subjects, he never abandoned his support for his company!  I admire that loyalty-to-company and willingness to educate the public in the ways of healthy eating habits.

Soooo, out of respect for my new friend and in an effort to better educate myself as opposed to just standing in customer-judgement (I know!!  Look at me being all pro-active and stuff!!), I am pledging to Darrin Camp to come into one of his stores, read the advertisement (because apparently there's a disclaimer that I'm not privy to and am passing judgement without analyzing ALL of the data and being well-informed...whatever!), and follow the "program" as designed by the marketing department!  Plus, I felt kinda bad for being so relentless--a total attack of conscience...first time this year...and I hope it's my last--so I told him I would be an "informed customer" and give his stores a plug on the Compact.  I know, I know.  Pushover!

I'M GOING ON A FAST FOOD DIET!!!!  Nobody pinch me--this is like one of my biggest dreams come true!!  We don't have all of the specs worked out yet, but as soon as I check out the disclaimer and develop a plan of action, Y'ALL will be the first to know!  And, all of my progress and results will be shared HERE on the Compact first!!!  WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

P.S.  Subway & Jared, you better watch out!  PrissE, Darrin & Taco Bell are coming after you!!!!



  1. gurl, you be suckin' up at the speed of light!!

  2. just movin' us on up!!!!! i'm SO takin' you with me!!!