Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter funk can't control me!

Winter funk has met it's match!

Good bye funk! Although, snow continues to fall and the cold wind won't stop blowing, today I'm gonna count some summer blessings! Feel free to chime in!

* Bright color polish on my toes.
* Smell of Coppertone in my nose.
* Tons of super cute new swimsuits on the racks in all the stores! And, new cover up choices in magazines galore!
* The promise of new flip flops around each corner.
* Another beautiful sunset means spring is coming closer.
* Coats hanging in the closet with no clear purpose.
* No alarm clocks ringing.
* Green grass, trees and blooming flowers.
* Drinking from the water hose.
* Shorts.
* Carefree days.
* Clear nights.
* Happy.

Winter funk, you can't control me!


  1. I'd like to add - driving to work in the morning (with the sun in my eyes), driving home from work (with the sun in my eyes)!

  2. I'd like to add a few:
    Riding my motorcycle in a tank top!
    Halter tops
    Lots of patio time with a cold beer and the grill going.
    Walking barefoot in the grass
    Flowers blooming
    My Russian Olive tree blooms and the wonderful smell they emit

  3. love you kicking out the winter funk! i would like to add the same and also:
    trees with bright green full leaves
    swinging in the hammock on the backyard tree
    reading in the sunshiny outdoors
    grilling out
    picnics in the yard
    fresh fruit

    mmm summer i hear your call!!