Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adventures in Substitute Teaching: Thunder Snow

Substitute teaching is always exciting! Recently, I enjoyed a particularly exciting weather incident and decided to email the story to my friend, Amy. The email to her went something like this:

To: Amy
From: Sassy
RE: Winter can leave!!

OH MY GOSH!!! You are NOT going to believe this day!!

It's been raining ALL NIGHT!! Everything is flooded. I have a sub assignment at school for 4th/5th grade math, so I hustle up there. Brrrrr... it's cold and windy, my umbrella nearly didn't make it into the building. Approximately mid-way through the first period the thunder snow starts. HELLO? Have you ever tried to teach a math lesson about angles to a group of 4th graders during a thunder snow? Not the most fun ever. They weren't even interested in my funny names for obtuse and acute angles..... WHATEVER!!

Next comes 2nd period, more 4th graders.... I had just started in really good with the angle lesson, and we're all jazzed up about it when the announcement comes on. EARLY RELEASE! (The Principal should have just yelled, FIRE!! It would have resulted in the same response.) The kids all started yelling and freaking out, so I barely heard the rest of the message..... 'send 4th & 5th grade to lunch at 10am.' (It's currently 9:59am)... So frantically, the teachers (and, I include myself 'loosely' in that group)start sending kids to lunch.

Students and teachers are frantically trying to call parents, because we can't put a child on the bus unless there is going to be someone at home at 12noon to get them, so it was a big, big mess!

** All the while, I'm thinking that I've GOT to call my stamp ladies!! It's snowing heavily already, and the roads have that layer of ice/rain underneath the snow, so I know NO ONE is going to drive in this. **

OH! I forgot to tell you the part when I fell in the mud/snow. Yep, that was a good part. I had about 7 boys in my car, and while I was trying to clean the windows and un-freeze the door hinge on the back hatch of my car, I slipped in mud/snow and twisted my ankle.

Also? I the back hatch is still frozen shut, so I still can't open it up to set up the 3rd row of seats for the extra kids I'm taking home.

Tired yet?

So, we get home, and I call Wendy to talk about the class cancellation, and my phone is buzzing really bad... the lines are super wet, so don't know how much longer we'll have phone/Internet service.

It gets better.

I can't make a cell phone call unless I'm perched on my roof, and with all the snow and ice, and my twisted ankle, it's not really safe for me to make the climb.

Believing all this??

It's true...

So, I was going to send you pics from my cell phone of my charm design, and the snow, but they (the pics) won't send right now because of the whole roof issue (or is it an ankle issue?)

Can you believe this is my life?

Then, I called the Bossman to tell him we were all home and safe, and he didn't even know I'd been at school, and when I told him that I had fallen, he laughed and asked me if the car was alright!! (Seriously, he did that, but all the while knowing I wasn't hurt, so it's fine, I was laughing.) Then, he asked if the DOGS were OK. SERIOUSLY? The dogs?? My reply?.... 'Yes, I already checked them.' Because even if I'm wet with a twisted ankle, I must check my dogs.

Oh, and so we cancelled the stamp class until next week. I'm done with winter.

Adios warm person,

PS.... This is an hilarious email... it's a blog post.


  1. I'm worn OUT!!!! Every school should be closed on Thunder Snow days and NO ONE should have to make it up!! It's Thunder Snow, for the love of Pete!!!!!

    Be safe and stay upright and off the ground, my friend!

  2. Oh my! What a day! Similar thing here - we had an early release....from work.....you would think these people don't get paid while they're here. Jeez!! Hope the ankle is better.