Sunday, January 31, 2010

James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, PrissE, Kenny Ortega

 James, Steven, PrissE and Kenny.........What do these four marvelous human beings have in common you ask?  An innate and highly developed sense for 'direction.'  You know, as in movie direction  (stop laughing, Mother.  I didn't mean ordinal direction).

Feeling like you're in Kindergarten and your teacher is playing the record from Sesame Street?

One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things just doesn't belong,

Can you tell which thing is not like the others

By the time I finish my song?

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?

Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong?

If you guessed this one is not like the others,

Then you're absolutely...right!

Okay.  So maybe I don't belong in this particular group....but, I do have a mere suggestion for one of these cinematic and choreographic geniuses:  

Kenny....Oh, Kenny Ortega.....Your latest project, the Michael Jackson This is It! tour documentary was absolutely amazing!  I loved, loved, loved it!  I haven't thought about Moon Walking across a carpeted floor since, like, 1985--yet, here I am at the precious age of #* (see if you can crack the code) practicing in my living room in preparation for teaching my 5 year old Little how bend and slide and glide across the floor!  And, I'm totally contemplating the return of my Penny Loafers paired with my black-parachute-ankle pants and shiny silver bobby-socks!  A stellar vision to say the least!  

This project rivals your work on Dirty Dancing, St. Elmo's fire, and Pretty in Pink, just to name a few.

Yet, I digress.  Mr. Ortega, Kenny if I may.  I must chastise your lack of dramatic flair for the conclusion of such a monumental piece of pop culture.  Ending the docudrama (just watching the man work causes the audience's emotions to rise and fall with his every breath!) on such a passive scene during such a mellow song left me feeling deflated and robbed of my climactic moment!  

May I make one tiny suggestion?  It really shouldn't set you back too much in terms of time and expense....although the film has been out for a while and the DVD recently released.....oh, well.  No matter.  I'm sure people will pay, again, to see the Really, Now This is It! movie out in theaters and return their old DVDs to purchase the newly released DVD.......I'm sure they would.

All I'm suggesting is a little "rearranging" of sorts.  I think you should play the 'Man in the Mirror' sequence before the scene with all of the cast/crew and Michael circled up for the attaboy, way to go, give me your all pep talk.  The movie should end with the pep talk, then the cheer you all circle up and do where you say, "Every body, Michael on three.  One....Two....Three!  MICHAEL!!!!!!"  shouts and hands in the air encircling Michael.......and SCENE!

There.  See?  You can see it in your head, now.  I'll text you my digits so that you can ring me and give me 411 on when you'll be sending me my newly-edited and autographed copy of the DVD.

p.s. The bonus material of MJ's costumes and designs is PHENOMENAL!!!  "If Swarovsky's never seen crystals used this way, the world's never seen this before!"  Now THAT is good TV!!!!  


  1. i can't believe they didn't let you in the editing room from the beginning! whatever!!

  2. Gurl! It's just one more mistake in the LONG list of them that MJ's made over the years!!!!