Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Save the Date! "Putting Together the Details..."

While perusing old photos and reminiscing over some old articles in our family albums, my sweet Little made a simple, yet oh-so important discovery:  her momma used to have a different last name (before I was married to Mr. Analytical, that is)!

Little's conclusion:  Once she's married (at some point in her late 20's, early 30's), she, TOO, will have a new last name!

Little:  So, Mom!  Your name used to not be "PrissE Analytical?"  You used to be "PrissE Bill?"  (I      should preface this by telling you that 'Bill' is my dad's first name...not my maiden name.  Maybe Little doesn't have a great grasp on this 'name' thing, yet.)  Oh!  Wait!  You used to be PrissE Yoakum!  (Aha!  She's got it now.  Yoakum is my maiden name.)

     PrissE:  That's right.  When Daddy & I got married, I took his last name.

     Little:  So, someday I'll be "Little Holtman?"  

     PrissE:  I suppose so.....

Big, Little and her future husband, Jag, Mav, & Foxy.....could be any one of these boys on any given day!

The conundrum?  Which one will she marry?  We'll know for sure immediately after all of the vows are exchanged and the paperwork with the county clerk is signed and stamped!



  1. I say it again, we will have a delightful summer wedding, some of the most beautiful in-law portraits ever taken!!!