Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Diva....

Dear Drama Diva,

I consider myself to be a 'Drama Diva in training'. This might be an easy question, but I feel compelled to ask it.

Should I be offended that the young MAN that checked me out at the register today at the Old Navy, was wearing a leather bracelet with the inscription, 'I LOVE BOOBIES?'

Further than that, I have a pretty nice set of boobies, and he didn't compliment mine. What's up with that?

Can you help a new Diva?

Really nice Rack, or so I thought.....


  1. wouldn't it be nice if we were all complimented at the register? 'hey lady, nice rack.'

  2. shake what your momma gave ya!!!

    'hey lady, nice rack and killer hair! p.s. those shoes are the total punctuation!!!!' how's that for a compliment?

    diva is cooking up her it in the slow cooker and letting it simmer!

  3. on a side note... there is a breast cancer awareness bracelet out there that says i love boobies. not sure if this was it or not, but what a great way to get the guys involved huh?