Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Diva...

Dear Diva,

I have been eating right and drastically reducing my caffeine for a week so my brain is not working as it should-still recalibrating...I have a question...Can you keep the glasses after a 3D movie if you want to?  I mean isn't that why the tickets are a bit higher?!?  I know there are the recycling boxes at the exits-but is it against the law to keep them?

So, my husband has been working every darn weekend since Christmas and the boys and I were about to "roll" each other so we go to the delightful movie theater in Nearbyville to see Avatar in 3D. It's only showing at 7:00 because we live in the middle of nowhere!!!  I swear to the patron saint of movies that the old man who walked out in front of us told the manager that he didn't think the two boys coming out turned their glasses in!  I got dizzy and confused and thankfully the Holy Spirit took over my suffering body and led me to the Jesus Van without getting arrested!

Did I allow my children to steal 3D glasses or did I pay for them with an increased ticket price?  Geez-we're not gonna throw them away and kill the Earth-we're gonna see if any part of life is 3D or maybe put them in a scrapbook to remember the night!

Madame "Pilfer"y....


  1. I hope the Diva agrees - you get to keep them!

  2. Keep them what does it matter? And who declared that man to be the watchdog for theaters? If a few boys want to keep theirs to experience life through 3D glasses go boys! Way to explore the world! Too bad that man is all grown up and doesn't remember what it was like to explore and experiment. Come on Diva what's your thought on the matter?

  3. Inspired, I LOVE what you said about "too bad that man is all grown up!" Too true!!

    Rhonda...GURL, you KNOW Diva's gonna agree with that sound advice you planted! You go gurl!