Saturday, January 30, 2010

I need a little help.....

I can't think of a good 'theme'. Last year, I hosted a stamping and scrapbooking retreat. We had the absolute best time EVER!!!

Lots of stampers and scrapbookers brought all their crafting supplies, and we worked on projects for an entire weekend. It was glorious!

Last year, we completed:
173 scrapbook pages
91 cards
1 bitty book
10 different sorts of gifts
and random other little things, that didn't get counted.

We also, ate and ate and ate and ate, some of the most delicious food ever! The retreat falls near my birthday, so my awesome friends surprised me with a now famous, 'Mrs. Cavitt chocolate sheet cake' and some beautiful hand made cards, that I still have on display in my home.

Okay, now here's my problem. Last year's retreat theme was cool. I thought of it quickly and easily, and I knew just what I wanted to do with the logo.

This year? I can't decide what to do. My only thought so far is: 'Love to Laugh'

Anybody got any better ideas?


  1. Since laughing is my FAVORITE thing to do, you know I LIVE TO LAUGH, i LoVe your theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i like the theme idea. now you just need a good graphic or a really awesome font!!! what would be cool is if you used mds to create your iron-on logo!!!! i'm thinking the "just perfect" alphabet and medallion stamp? no already used the medallion image on our creative shirts......hmmmmmm still thinking for you more ideas to come! maybe that little discussion has spurred your creative inspired juices!! i know it will be a darn great time again this year and i can't wait!!!!

  3. Oh, I really hope I get to go this year. It's sort of iffy because my niece is getting married the weekend after this and I'm afraid they may schedule some shower or something then...oh I know, I'll just do the shower and then I can make sure it's NOT on that weekend. I think I'll be by myself this year though. Brandi has given up scrapping. :(

  4. oh brandi, she can't give up scrappin' forever. i just know she'll be back, someday.....

    i sure hope you can make it! still trying to contact the ranch to solidify our reservation, but i'm working on the logo. :) getting excited!!