Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celebrity Sighting #2!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with "spotting" famous people!  After all, I've met and seen several celebrities over the years while going about my daily life!

In college I did meet George Straight at our respective dentist's office.  I sat next to Andre the Giant on an airplane once (and I can attest to the accuracy of his 'name'...).  I have a dollar bill signed by Marsha Sharp at a local high school basketball game, and the list goes on.

If you'll remember, back in October I spotted country music legend Crystal Gayle heading into Lubbock's new Barnes & Noble.  Well, 2010 is proving to be just as celebrity-filled as ever!

While doing my bi-weekly grocery shopping at the local United Supermarket here in Lubbock, who should I see?  Check it out:

It's the One, the Only, the legendary Gambler......


'After All This Time,' every 'Desperado' has to eat!  Why not hit the local United, 'Lucille'?  There's probably not a grocery anywhere on the 'Islands in the Stream!'


  1. I want to hang out with you! I spend my entire life WANTING to spot a celebrity! And you do it without even trying. I have Diva Envy! :)

  2. OK...what's that I know this Kenny! And fyi...he's made quite a name for himself in Lubbock, Tx...doing commercials and community theater and what-nots!
    MY theory is this: I think he wanted to take a break from the spotlight...and so he escaped to L-town. But really, we know that you can take the celebrity out of Hollywood...but you can't take Hollywood out of the celebrity...So he MUST be getting his "fix" via commercials and musical theater. Course, now that you've outed him....he may have to escape to a town even more Brownfield, Muleshoe...or Earth.

  3. come on gurl!!! They'll swarm us like flies to a dumpster after a july 4th cookout!

    Jenn...why am i NOT surprised that you know this man?!? we are SOOO connected in SOOO many ways!