Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Givin' PROPS!

This is me and my impatient, entitled, and in a hurry self giving a shout out to....well, ME (and Lovely-Sales-Lady at Rack Room Shoes)!

A little background on me:  1) I don't appreciate other drivers driving on my roadways and getting in my way.  2) I'm not a fan of the general public as they tend to annoy and frustrate me when we're in public together.  3) I believe that sales-people should 'hop-to' when I walk into their stores with their best efforts to separate me from my greenbacks and send me on my way with fabulous wares.  4) I am writing a customer service book (from the picky-consumer's--that's me--perspective).  Many will find themselves in it....whether it's positive or negative, only publishing will tell!  5) In short, I'm not an easy sale and even more difficult to satisfy!

The current situation:  My sweet son, Big, was home sick, my lovely husband, Mr. Analytical was still at work, and my precious daughter, Little was in dire need of a new pair of tennis-shoes.  Our solution:  Big could stay home by himself from the time it takes Mr. Analytical to get from the hospital to the house and I would take Little to get her shoes.

Little and I head to Rack Room Shoes--not my favorite shoe-haunt, but it's close to our house and the time is nearly 5:00 P.M.....uuggghhh, traffic! 

It takes us only 10 minutes to find her tennis-shoes, a cute pair of casual shoes, and a pair of new tennis-shoes on clearance for me!  BONUS!!  We load up our goodies and light on the checkout counter really excited that we'll be out of the store before the 5:00 o'clock chime.

Lovely-Sales-Lady, who is half the reason it only took us 10 minutes to find our prudent necessities (she rocks!), rings up our purchases, swipes my card, follows the on-screen instructions on the register and we wait for my receipt to print so that we can be on our merry new-shoe-toting way...............and we wait..........and we wait.................and Lovely-Sales-Lady begins pressing the 'Enter' button on the keyboard rather adamantly.  However, it is to no avail.  The register is frozen (due to the overabundance of $$$ in my account, registers all over the world sometimes lock-down....NOT!)!! 

Lovely-Sales-Lady tells me that she's sorry and doesn't know what has happened.  She thinks the transaction went through, but the screen is frozen with an error message on top of the 'Approved' status of the transaction.  She hates to move to the other register and re-do the transaction because then I might be charged twice....she'll call her boss...give her just a moment....her boss says she needs to pull up the transaction on the computer in the back office to verify the completion of the transaction and print a receipt.  She'll be right back and she is SO sorry for the inconvenience!  

Typically, at this point, I'd be frustrated about the technical melt-down and aggravated with the sales-person for not being able to solve the issue.  It would all be exacerbated by the fact that my 5yr. old Little is 'shopping all over the place while she waits' and I'm still concerned about Big possibly being home by himself....However, I find myself in this crazy state of calm and, dare I say, understanding....I wonder if hell is scheduled to freeze over anytime soon?!?  The weather man did say to expect our recent temps in the 60's to be replaced by freezing rain and snow TOMORROW!  I'm just sayin......

Lovely-Sales-Lady comes back with proof of our transaction and receipts to boot!  She apologizes profusely--but not annoyingly profusely.  She tells me how much she appreciates my patience and hopes I'll shop Rack Room Shoes again.  We say our good-byes and part ways. Lovely-Sales-Lady, I say, 'PROPS' for doing your job, remaining calm and professional and somehow shrouding me with your spells of peace and tranquility!  You must've been born with a shoe-spoon-wand in hand and customer service magic dripping from your lips!

To me...'PROPS' for not being a pain in the collective sales-force butt--pleasant and understanding even!!!!  YES!  A store I wasn't 'invited to leave and not return!' 

And, here is my reward for just such a positive and kind consumer-attitude (check out the Zebra laces!):



  1. suh-weeeeet new shoes!!! are they for exercising?? ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj!!!

  2. they have Zebra laces! exercise....ppffff! ajajajajajajajajajajajajaja!!!