Friday, January 29, 2010

Riddle Me This...

Today, I find myself in a state of perplexity...a complete discombobulation even!

My sweet Little is precious, kind, sharp-witted, and talkative (to say the least!).  In a nutshell, she's got my personality - the filter + hyper-opinionation (it's a word because I say it's a word!)!  She's a pistol!

At the tender and impressionable age of 5, Little studies piano--Yes, studies! Each week for half an hour she has a private lesson with a precious, yet stern, handsome college man at a premier children's music studio.  He sets high expectations for her and rewards her accordingly when she reaches them (--good girl!  here's a scooby snack! just a little sarcasm....but, I digress).

Upon picking her up from her last lesson, Precious-Piano-Man tells me what a great job Little did, he could tell she'd been practicing, he's very proud of her, and she completed her first-level book!  YAY, Little!!

As we're leaving, I say:
     So!  How many tokens did you earn tonight for doing such a great job???

Her reply, as the beaming smile slides from her face:

Me:  WHY NOT???

Her:  Because I put my toe in my mouth and Precious-Piano-Man didn't like it.

Me:  WHAT?!?  Were you playing the piano WITH YOUR FEET?!?!

Her:  My toe was itching.  I took off my boot and sock to scratch it, but I scratched it with my teeth.  Precious-Piano-Man didn't like it.  He didn't give me a token.

Me:  ??!?!?!?!??

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  1. well, hmmmm.... that skill might have been awarded a few tokens in yoga class. she's just working ahead.... yep, that's it. just advanced for her age.