Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drama Diva: "Try It Again!"

Winter time in the city. Ah, the joys of 3 degrees, chenille and soft, fuzzy boots. A Drama Diva could certainly get used to this!

Time for a warm email check! Hmmm.... how many Divas need my help today?

After a few minutes of reading and replying, I feel the need to issue a Drama Diva Mandate:

Asking a Drama Diva (specifically ME) the SAME question 5 times wording it differently in each email to lengthen the time I'm irritated, will not result in a different answer.

SLAM! (That was my foot soundly hitting the floor.) Keep trying it idiot blog-o-sphere, it won't work.


  1. OK, I have a question for the drama diva queens. I'm currently in a contest with my husband, daughters and their husbands. We are doing the biggest loser in couples. I feel I have starved myself, refrained from my usual amount of liberations, and generally sacrificed all my wants and desires to lose weight last week. After we all weighed in, I lost the least amount of anyone! How is this possible? Secondly, how am I not supposed to get irritated and mad at my beautiful 23 year old daughter who doesn't need to lose weight at all in my opinion but yet lost 4 more pounds than I did? Why is life so unfair?


    Fat and Unhappy!

  2. dear phat & unhappy,

    you misspelled phat in your signature! you are awesome in the phat and awesome way!! don't be unhappy for too long, find that happiness in your own skin. you've got it, just get back to it.

    remember, those beautiful daughters came from you! you gave them life, and if you must spike their food with butter and sugar on special occasions to level out the playing field..... so be it.

    save your skinniest for when they're pregnant, you'll enjoy it more!! just imagine the day you can rub their giant tummies... you in the leather vest, tight pants and tall boots...... come on out little one, grandma is waiting!

    and, if previous history with those two beautiful daughters holds true, you'll have at least 2 consecutive years to be the skinny one while they grant you grandchildren only 1 year apart.

    ha ha ha! seriously biker candy! you rock, and i love ya!! can't wait to hear what PrissE says......

  3. uummmm....Hello Pretty Hot And Tasty, a.k.a PHAT!!!! Have you SEEN yourself in nothing but a leather vest and pants with a kick-ass bike riding right between your legs????? I would DIE to look as good!!!!!

    p.s. Sassy nailed it!!!!!