Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random Sevens

Have you ever read another blog and loved the idea?

I like the number 3. I have three boys.

There's this one:

There's that one:

And, of course the other one:

Because this blog post is all about random sevens, I'll go ahead and tell you they all used to be smaller:

And, before that, they were even smaller:

Before that, I really don't remember much, because I wasn't a very good mommy way back then, so I choose to forget those parts. Okay, not totally forget, but certainly don't blog about. I like to enjoy our boys today. They're way more fun now than then, and that's okay too.

Sometimes I make a really cool project, and I like to share it:

I love to scrapbook, so I love to share those projects the best of all. I think that's seven! Seven of my favorite pictures. That's random. That's seven. Happy Saturday!



  1. There are other blogs? Are you sure? I could've sworn we were "it!!"

    I do love those boys and your projects!!!

  2. Handsome boys! You are a lucky girl!!