Thursday, January 28, 2010


My brain is going in 10 different directions right now, so it seems like a perfect time for a Randomography Post. Get ready!

Have you ever wondered, 'How did I get here?'

Just when I'm beginning to wonder if there's anything LESS enjoyable than spending the day with a group of 9 year olds, I have a conversation like this:

Manuel: How old are you?
Me: How old do you think I am?
Manuel: Are you over 19?
Me: Yes, Manuel I'm over 19. Are you over 19?
Manuel (laughing): You know I'm not over 19 yet.
Me: Maybe not, but you will be soon. Why do you want to know how old I am?
Manuel: I was just wondering, because we're friends, and I need to know how old my friends are.
Me: Manuel, that's so nice! I like it that we're friends.
Manuel: Me too. Do you think we'll still be friends when I'm over 19 too?
Me: Yes Manuel, I'm pretty sure we'll still be friends when you're over 19 too.

The rest of the day was so nice! Thank you 3rd grade!


Recently, Mav had the opportunity to select some new glasses frames. He finally selects a wonderful metallic blue pair, not too flashy, but super cool. He's admiring himself in the mirror at the doctor's office, with Jag close by.

Mav: Do you like my new frames? I think they make me look sexy.
Jag: Sure, they're pretty cool, but I don't think they make you look sexy.
Mav: I think they do. (Strikes a pose in the eye doctor's office.)
Jag: Hey Mav, trust me on this one. You don't want to be looking sexy yet. I just had my first date this year (8th grade) and from what I've learned, girls are a lot of trouble.


So, how did I get here? How did I get to the middle of this laundry pile? Actually, the middle of the pile is not so bad, it's the bottom that smells. I have decided that the worst smell in my laundry room is lamb poop. I also don't know why the only days my kids actually leave things in their pockets are the same days I don't check the pockets. A pocket full of Hershey kisses is wonderful in every way, except when those pockets are exiting the dryer.


Long, long ago, when I actually was 19, I never imagined there was a difference in the smells of poop. I wouldn't have guessed that someday I would be able to distinguish the subtle differences between lamb poop, goat poop, dog poop, pig poop and people poop. Now, I can tell you what poop is in my laundry room immediately upon entering my house. That's like 12 feet away and down the hall! So, I'm sort of a poop smelling super hero or something. That's not the super power I would have imagined myself having back when I was 19.


How did I get here? Does it really matter?

Here's what I know today: I'm over 19. I'm really good at doing laundry, and my sense of smell is sharper than ever. If you are ever lucky enough to have a pocket full of Hershey Kisses, then you should eat them all! One of my kids wears glasses like me, and we both look sexy when we wear them.


  1. Go Superwoman!!!! Love your random!!! have a great day!!

  2. Love it! And - you have always been good at laundry!!