Thursday, March 25, 2010

Declaration & Proclamation!

I hereby proclaim that, from this day forward, the "Place Where a Kid Can Be a Kid" known as Chuck E. Cheese, shall be officially declared "The Unshaven Armpit of Satan."

All you parents who've ever had the tragic misfortune of patronizing this establishment know exactly what I mean.  There are always children running and playing with such precious excitement, and we can't help but smile as they trot by our tables on their way to the next most fantastic adventure game ever!

But then.....there are "those children" who take the precious excitement to a level of pure misery that can only be given the horrific descriptive justice deserved by Stephen King.  You know the ones.  They're the kids standing on the air-hockey table, screaming and dancing WHILE other children are trying to play air-hockey!!  Where are their parents, you ask?  Why, they're "kickin' it" in the booth with their friends and completely ignoring their kids OR pointing at their children on the air-hockey table and laughing!!!

My guess.....these parents did NOT read "What to Expect When You've Given Birth and Suddenly Your Children are Actually Able to Walk/Talk/Climb/Make Bad Choices!!"  Where is Dr. Phil when these families enter "The Unshaven Armpit!?!?"  



  1. check! already on my list of places to never visit!

  2. So glad when my girls quit asking every single time we drove by there: "Can we eat at Chuck e Cheese?" Gross! That's all I can don't EVER go there to eat. Your description is accurate. And, I actually only had to take my girls there twice! Grandmama was the victim every other time!