Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Diva...

Dear Diva,
Forgive me, Diva, for I have sinned.  It has been, well, forever, since my last confession.

What sin have you committed my child? you ask.....Oh, Diva.  Where do I even start?

Have you stolen or been immoral? you ask.....well, no.  Although, I do seem to have appointed myself 'Master Welder Pimp' lately (and to my friend who is a phenomenal welder, I truly apologize.  But if you are ever in need of an "agent," shall we say, I'm your girl!).  But, I digress.

Diva, I have done the unthinkable!  The unforgivable!  I.......I...........I HAVE FLAGRANTLY MISUSED MY CLEVER WIT AND SARCASM.......AND MY INTERNET!!  I hit "Send" and sent an obnoxious email to someone............AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Diva, how....HOW can I reach into my computer and rob the information super-highway of an ill-worded, poor judgment email???  I need it BACK!!!!

iScrewed Up!!!


  1. so, you know when diva writes back that letter is gonna start out: dear screwed. i think it might just need to say, you're screwed! ahahahahahahahah!!

    did you ever see that episode of 'the adventures of old christine' when christine sends a bad email and then rips the cord out the wall, and asks, 'do you think i caught it in time?'

    aha ha hahah ah ah ha ha hahahah ahah!!!

    you should of tried that by climbing onto your roof and trying to stop that wireless signal! aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!

    that's funny!

  2. that's the EXACT episode that was iScrewed's inspiration!!!!! our just gets so sublimely creepy sometimes!!!!


  3. Dear Screwed...I'm not sure how it happened but someone hacked your email account. That's your story and you're sticking to it! Got it?

  4. Dear Screwed...This sounds vaguely familiar...I think I had that happen to me one time, but luckily I have a great sense of humor & am also fluent in sarcasm, so I understood when it happened to me! Hopefully, this person also understood! Ha! Love you guys!