Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Joy!!

Who knew that Northeastern U.S. winters would befall us unsuspecting, and summer-loving, West Texas folk?!  Well, maybe the meteorologists knew....and maybe those who faithfully read The Farmer's Almanac....and possibly anyone who pays any attention to the weather trends & forecasts....which obviously isn't me.  

I was completely blindsided by this "once a week EVERY BLOOMING week since November" winter/blizzard/freezing-my-honey-buns-off weather!    

However--and this is just how I roll, always looking for that silver lining--today was absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL!  Scroll down and be mesmerized by my latest photo essay capturing "My Joy!"

This is the view from inside MY CAR!!!  That's right, people...today was a "put the top down" day!!

Check out this season's newest addition to my expansive Flip-Flop Collection.....and, get a load of that wonderfully artistic and freshly painted pedi!!

Also, get a load of the SHORT SLEEVES and CROPPED PANTS!!!  That, my friends is one step closer to my favorite outfit of all.....my SWIMSUIT!!  Coincidentally, I happened to purchase a new one today....

AND HERE IT IS!!!  It won't be the only one I wear this summer, but THIS is the suit that begins my slide into paradise...at the Bahamas in Wolfforth!  And how 'bout this cutie-patootie new swim cover?  Look at it's precious knotted details on the shoulders....I DID THAT!

Finally, at 2:54 this afternoon, it was a lovely balmy 74 degrees outside!  It's like the Minnesota winter has but a bad dream and the pleasant peacefulness & bliss of Hawaii has overtaken this dusty West Texas town...simply pure joy.  

However, jolting me back to the reality that this Wednesday we'll be dipping back down into the 50's was this most unsuspecting find in my car--one snowboot via my sweet Big, wonder where the other boot is.....STUPID WINTER!  Why must you rupture EVERY week of our lovely weather like an oozing pustule on the face of our beautiful and sunny days!?

Oh, mon frer.....NOT to worry!!!  By Thursday, we'll be back on the temperature climb to that perfect West Texas Hawaiian weather!  See you in the sunshine!



  1. gurl, that swimsuit is C U T E !!! i'll do us both a favor and select a different one! :) because that's how we roll...

    and, today i'm thankful for that long carpool line you have to sit in almost everyday! look at the awesomness that you created while in line!

    stripes on the pedi!?! ah, i can never get enough of the 'tiga stripe' story.


    peace out!!

  2. Hahaha!! I was gonna say "I do tiga stripe for you ok?"!!! Love it! Where did you get the cute suit? I might actually buy one this summer-haven't bought one in YEARS!! Love me some sunshine!

  3. I love the cover up! Where did you get that. I love Summertime!!!

  4. Swimsuit & cover up ala Target! the cover up is actually an "oversized" tank top...i cut the tank-straps and knotted them so that it wouldn't be quite so long. i seem to modify a ton of my clothes!

  5. and Sassy...i think we should TOTALLY show up to the Bahamas in Wolfforth with the SAME swimsuit sometime this summer. just think of the complete and utter humiliation our boys will suffer!!! does that not make your happiness complete!?! i take perfect joy in just the thought of embarrassment my sweet Big will endure as his mom & her awesome friend stroll down the south side of the pool to THEIR respective chairs for some much needed R&R!

    aaaahhhh....the simple pleasures in life!

  6. I am so ready for Summer here too. Just got our Water Rampage tickets for this summer. I haven't braved the swimsuit section yet but girl you have some cute stuff to shine in.