Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Muse!

This is me.............in a writing slumP!!

Sometimes, I find my "muse" in sheer silliness.....believe it, or noT!

Alas, today, I search for words.....but they don't comE.....

Never fear, loyal readers!  I shall write again...and you will laugH!


  1. i believe you will be writing again very SOON! so, i'm not worried. our close brush with the law yesterday must have scared the muse back!

    if not, you should consider an 'how to properly accessorize 101' article.... that necklace you're wearing is B-E-A utiful!!!


  2. we will laugh and you will find your muse again! until then we will re-read some of the other wonderful posts and laugh!! the laughter never ends!! love that last pic of you - beautiful!!

    okay after sassy's comment i am curious about your brush with the law - find your muse so you can post about that!!

    have a great day!!