Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Funny

Today is randomly the best day ever! Or, maybe it's specifically, the best day ever! Either way, here's some funny stuff that I just realized. This is my world, enjoy!!

1. I just realized that I've been wearing my contacts in the wrong eyes for two days.

2. Right after I realized that, I figured out (using math) that Saturday-Wednesday is more than 2 days. Yay! I'm using math safely!!

3. It makes me dizzy to wear my contacts backwards, but that didn't concern me for 4days. I'm all livin' in dizzy-ville and lovin' it!!

4. Being dizzy may or may not make you fall off of tall flip flops when you wear them to walk down the hall. This information is just to keep you safe, people! Tall flip flops aren't for everyday, or every dizzy day.

5. Your house always looks cleaner if you are dizzy, or if you can only see it with one eye open. Try it!

6. This picture is just funny! Dizzy or not!!


  1. love it you dizzy crazy girl!!! and you are right that pic is funny dizzy or not!! thanks for the laugh today!! hope you have a great one!!

  2. Yes - very funny! And - I'm going to try the clean house trick!

  3. Seeing straight is WAY over-rated! I say stick with Dizzy!!!

  4. Little says she doesn't even care that her future Mav sticks straw wrappers up his nose in public. She's okay with him embarrassing her in public. Now THAT'S a match made in heaven!

  5. ajajajaj!!! good for little! she is so accepting of all embarrassing moments! and, i'm glad dizzy works for me, because that's how i usually roll....