Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today, It's All About OPA!!!!

Today, my dad, better known as Opa, is 65 YEARS OLD!!!


But, before he was finally eligible for AARP, he was but a wee lad...in a dress no less!

Move over Opey Taylor!!  Can you tell who Big favors most (that's Big on the far right)??

Check out #75....lookin' like a lit match in the sunshine!

What a handsome fella!  He's so cool!

He's in the Army now!  Captain Yoakum:  


And then, he fell in love...:

And baby (that's ME!) makes 3--plus 4 generations!  And, that's quite enough!

A new addition...right before baby (that's ME) gets married...Jasper is definitely Opa's dog:


June 4, 1994.  My wedding day:

It's all in the family:


We love you, Opa!!  Happy Birthday!


  1. awe... how sweet! happy birthday opa!!

  2. I'm sure it totally thrills Opa to be up on the blog at all, much less for 2 whole days! This is the kind of recognition for which he has a minimal fondness......