Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My name's not "Merriam Webster," but......

I am a loquacious lady (I 'talk alot').  I consider myself quite perspicacious (I'm 'observant').  While I may be no Einstein (I'm not a 'genius'), I certainly appreciate impeccable lexicon (I 'like the way other people talk').  Now my cerebral cortex aches!!

Word.  To ya motha....

Apparently, there are tons of words that have to be used correctly...or other people will laugh at you (or I will laugh at you).  Here's a list of words that I've used, I've heard used, or I've laughed at people for using because we didn't use them indubitable (yes, yes, I's an adverb!):

1.  Suspicion--noun--not verb:  "I suspicion that she is inappropriately wielding words."
2.  ExemplaRARY--not even a word:  "We praise you for doing exemplarary work!"
3.  Irregardless--another not even a word:  "You must behave irregardless of what others are doing."
4.  NuCULAR--again, another not even a word--AND, thought I meant ocular!!:  "Did y'all see that mushroom cloud come from behind me??  I think it's a nucular tutor!"  ( can take the girl outta hicksville.........)

While I may not be as continental as some (I haven't been many places besides West Texas), I am slightly bilingual (I can talk a little in another language).  Not only do I brandish skill (I got it going on!) in bilingualism (remember?  I can talk in another language...), Sassy & I totally fabricated (we totally made it up!) a foreign word!  I think it's my new favorite "unword!"

5.  Ajajajajajajajajaja--Spanish word for 'Ahahahahaha':  "Gurl!  Did you know that glitter is the herpes of the craft world?  Ajajajajajajajajajajaaj!!!!"

Deuces Baby!!!  (Farewell yon friends, fans & followers)



    gurl, awesome post! truth is always funniest!!!

  2. Love it!!! ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj.....thanks for the new word!!