Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A perfect example of the appropriate way to use Facebook.

Listen up blog stalkers! I think it's time we re-visit the BQ commandments! I'll do it randomly, one at a time, beginning with one of my favorites, NUMBER THREE! (Oh, you thought I was gonna go in ORDER?! Um, Hello? Have you met me?)

3. Thou shalt keep your FB Status updates humorous or entertaining. AND, do NOT reply to my status with your poor judgement!

As an example of 'how to' use Facebook correctly, please enjoy the following:

PrissE's Status Update:How many places on FB can you converse at one time with one person? My personal best....5! I am a killer FB-Talker!

Sassy's Reply: me? also 5. you're welcome!

PrissE: It takes two!! And we...well, in a word: Awesome.

Sassy: self esteem much? nah.....

PrissE: I'm in self help for my confidence level....training others how to have some. it's my job as a blog author...my duty really.

Sassy: thank you. really.... the world, we all thank you.... job well done!! :)

PrissE: you know how i believe in adhering to my responsibilities.

Sassy: yes, i was just talking about your how responsible you are... like just 10 seconds ago.... weird.

Random other friend that decided to chime in: if there was a FACEBOOK AWARD for that, I'D VOTE FOR U ALL DAY ALL THE WAY!!..lol...and I'm sure you'd win..

It is so nice for other friends to chime in! Especially, when it's for the sole purpose of telling us how AWESOME we are! It's like having your own little applause box to open when you're feeling a bit blue. Nothing like a good round of applause. Give yourself one (a round of applause), if you recognize that Seinfeld reference.

Hey Blog Stalkers! Did you know Tales from the Compact has a fan page on Facebook? Well, we do! Just check out that cool widget on the right. Don't be scared.... do some clicking!


  1. WORD. Can't mess with perfection, Baby!!!

  2. oohhhh.....LOVE. And this really needs to go out as a message to ALL facebook users...or well, at least to my "friends". Have you seen the eruptions that happen on my page sometimes?? Love my peeps...but overwhelmed at all the Judgy McJudgerton's that seem to abound and want to tell me how wrong I am most of the time...mainly because they don't understand the sarcastic satire of my updates.

    YOU guys, however, are pure awesometastic.

  3. "AWESOMETASTIC!!!??!!" That is the most Awesometastic word I've EVER seen!!!

    It takes Awesometastic to know Awesometastic!