Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now I Remember.....

We entered the Barnes & Noble just as any family would.... walking with our feet, through the door and into the awesomeness that IS the B&N. We had been anxiously anticipating this trip to 'town'. The boys hadn't been to the new B&N yet, and had heard tales of it having an escalator. That magical traveling device that transports you to the next level of retail books to purchase.

The glorious escalator.

Except, when we entered, we stopped, looked right at the escalator, and Fox announced, 'Now I remember what an escalator is, I don't like it.'

As a close knit, supportive family, we all began to laugh at him. We made him ride the escalator.

After, a few times up and down, he got more used to it.

These two didn't have a problem.

They were only too happy to encourage their brother. I think someone said, 'Don't forget to step off at the end, or you'll get sucked underneath.' Someone else recommended, 'he hold on with just his hands and swing all the way down.'

Yes, I did have my camera in the B&N! Thanks to Terri and Wendy, I am inspired to carry that thing everywhere! See? It brings me joy!

By the time, we made it back to the car, Fox was feeling back to his 'normal-not-normal' self.

I believe we can check RIDE ESCALATOR off his bucket list.


  1. Ajajajajajajajajajajaja!!!!! I love how Foxy looks like this is "just another day in the hood" for him...nevermind he'd just been completely FREAKED!

    on another note...there's a big red button on the side of the rail at the bottom of the escalator. just in case Foxy ever needs to use it...especially when the two "supportive one" are going for a ride!

  2. That is the funniest thing I have heard today!!! :)

  3. Oh the fun of children!!! So glad Fox conquered the escalator!! And so glad Mom had her camera to capture it all!!! :)


  4. @inspired -- i wish i would have gotten E's pic yesterday! i had my camera, but didn't pull it out quick enough.... i told fox about E's adventure down.... by herself.... he laughed, and said, 'she's awfully little to be that brave. was it worth losing a cookie for?' ajajajajajajajajajajaj!!!

    @rhonda - thanks girlie! i miss you!

    @prisse - let's just keep that button knowledge to 'ourselves'.... i'm pretty sure that won't help anything!