Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Dream Come True

I must introduce you to my delightful 8th grader, Jag. Jag is small for his age, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in pure charm and good looks. I am so proud of all my little mooches, but here's a story that you'll need a kleenex for. Go ahead, get one.

Way back when.... a long time ago, when Jag was only 2 years old, we would drag him to my sister's events. My sister was in the high school and the college marching bands. We loved to go to games to watch her march. Jag loved the games too, but he was always most fascinated by the tuba players. I don't know exactly why. Those boys were always on the top of the bleachers, they were always silly and looked like they were having the most fun! Maybe that's why Jag loved them so. That year, for Christmas, Jag asked Santa for a tuba. Every subsequent year, Jag asked Santa for a tuba, but Santa just never delivered the goods.

Finally, Jag was in the 4th grade at our school, and allowed to join the band. He asked to play tuba. The band director told him that if he wanted to play tuba, he should start smaller, and work his way up. In 4th grade, Jag played trombone. His arms weren't long enough to reach 5th position. In 5th grade, Jag played baritone. A little better, but still he was fixated on the tuba. In 6th grade, he was finally allowed to play the 'small' tuba for concert band. He moved to the regular sized tuba in 7th grade.

Finally, a few months ago, Jag started summer band and was issued his first marching tuba. He put it on.... dream realized.

Wait! Um, it's heavy! Sometimes, his shoulder would hurt, but he never complained. It was a small price to pay to finally get to play his tuba. He's the littlest tuba player at our school, but he's determined.

Recently, at a Friday night football game, The Goin' Band from Raiderland came to our stadium and played with our high school kids. My gosh, I thought I would explode with excitement. I stood and cheered when they marched in. I watched anxiously as the Tech kids filed into our stands, taking their places with each appropriate section.... waiting for the moment.... yep, the moment when 4 Tech boys took their places around Jag on the top row of the bleachers.

Jag tried to play it all cool.

I could tell he was so excited! I snuck over and snapped several pictures before it got too dark. My boy never took that tuba off. The entire game, every time Tech tubas played, Jag played. Every time Tech tuba players danced a jig, Jag danced, swayed or twisted. Fox and Mav were worried.... Jag's shoulder has got to be hurtin'.

I don't think his shoulder ever hurt.

After the half time performance, Jag ran over to us to get some coke money. We could see him coming.... eyes wide open, grin on his face from ear to ear. All he said was, 'Mom, did you see me playing with the Tech band?' I sure did!

Later that night, I began to think about that 2 year old boy. I could see his face asking for a tuba. I could see him as a toddler watching the tubas play. Now, I proudly watch him playing his high school tuba, and dream of the day when he just might wear his own Goin' Band from Raiderland uniform. Here's hoping.....


  1. Precious story!! You can see the awe adn excitement in his face. So cute!

  2. Disney AND Hallmark called...they want this boy's life story!!!!! That was B-E-A-utiful!!!!!! The Goin' Band from Raiderland will be BLESSED to have that boy dancing a tuba for them!

  3. Dream big! I would go ahead and pre-order season tickets to watch him march in the Jones Stadium...