Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spelling Test Morning

** (Email story originally sent out on January 8th, 2008) **

Greetings friends and fellow moms! No one puts this sort of thing in a mom handbook, so thought I'd share this true story.....

7:20am - day of spelling test (We've only been awake a grand total of 5 minutes at this point.)

(Conversation during breakfast)

Me: is the spelling test today?
Bubs: yea
Me: can you spell the words?
Bubs: I don't know, maybe, most of them.
Me: I hate spelling tests

(Conversation, a few minutes later, before we leave for school.)

Me: Fox, spell colorful
Fox: colouerful
Me: no
Fox: (shocked and awed) what?

(Background info: Fox often uses spelling 'tricks' to remember words. They are often random and make no sense to anyone but him.)

Me: here's a trick for you, remember color only has two o's and they represent the two sides of your butt that I'm gonna kick if you don't do well on this spelling test

** strange look from the bubs **

Me: spell colorful
Fox: colorful
Me: see? it worked!
Fox: ** silent, eye roll **
Me: Mav, spell wonderful
Mav: wonderful, I can spell them all
Me: did you hear the trick I told Fox?
Mav: yes
Me: do you think it will help you?
Mav: probably not
Me: everyone get in the car

How many more weeks of school?
More to the point, how many more spelling tests?

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