Thursday, October 8, 2009

These Two

These two boys are friends. Some might say 'best friends', but that's irrelevant. They find adventures everywhere they go.

One evening this summer, we could hear fire works popping and it's wasn't even July 4th. No worries.... it was these two popping fireworks at the friend's house. Conversation between the Bossman and Fox:

Bossman: Where did you get the fireworks?
Fox: From his mom.
Bossman: How did you light them?
Fox: With matches.
Bossman: Who gave you the matches?
Fox: His mom.

Such a sweet face! Oh, the adventures they find.

Conversation with Fox on a beautiful summer day:

Fox: Mom, where's the ladder?
Me: I have no idea.


Fox: Mom, where's the extra garden hose?
Me: I have no idea.


Me: You two put that ladder and garden hose up and quit trying to suspend yourselves from the tree with that.


Yesterday afternoon, it was a beautiful pre-fall day, and these two were playing on the front porch. The Bossman walks by and wonders what's going on.

Bossman: What are ya'll doing?
Friends: Feeding this grasshopper.
Bossman: What are ya'll trying to feed him?
Friends: Grass.
Bossman: Why isn't it hopping around? I've never seen a grasshopper walk like that.
Friends: We ripped his back legs off so he would be able to stay on the porch and eat this grass we're trying to feed it.
Bossman (after getting a closer look): I see that now. How interesting.....


Bossman: Where's the grasshopper.
Friends: We tossed him into the bushes.... he wouldn't eat the grass.

Both of these boys? I love them!


  1. Thanks for the smiles and laughs! I needed that today!

  2. YAY!!!! IT'S your friend "W!!"

    Plus...those two boys are the most awesome display of genius leading greatness!!!

  3. Know what's great? I totally get it!!!