Friday, October 9, 2009

People, Please.....

Work with me people. Indulge me for a moment while I spew some truth from the top of my soap box, while riding my high horse.... I can balance many things from the top of Mount 'always right' and thought you'd enjoy the view.

How many things can one person 'volunteer' to do in one year? Currently, I've lost count of my 'volunteer' jobs. Also? Currently, one of them is really quite unpleasant.

If you vote me into a 'volunteer' position, then decide you do not approve of the group's tactics, you had better have the gusto to tell it to my face, because.... I LOVE CONFRONTATION! I thrive on it! I beg you to give me an opportunity!

You know who you are, and I certainly hope you're reading this blog today. Great Snakes, please post a reply!! I'm begging!

Further, if you think one sour person can ruin a good organization that serves the children of our community, then you are sadly mistaken. I'm not the only person that serves proudly here. In fact, there are many. Many people that are taken for granted all the time. I'm sure those same people receive hateful email from you as well. Maybe you should have your 'license to email' revoked. I wonder if you'd have such a bold opinion if you had to actually attend a meeting and voice that opinion in a public forum. I'm guessing, not.

People please, if you don't have any constructive things to say, and if you find most of your time is spent sitting on your fat **ah, hem** then stay out of my way!! Certainly don't email me some vague email hatred.


  1. i'm going out on a limb and guessing you got a reply to an email that you sent in relation to one of your volunteer positions. Don't know exactly what tipped me off, but that's my guess.

    What's even more fun and would completely add to your 'volunteering pleasure,' would be to be accused of extortion! it provides countless moments of frustration for both you AND your family--including your sweet little newborn!

    YOU GO GIRL! Look at you honoring Queen Commandment #8: To speak one's mind is bliss! To be silenced by fear is tragic. You ARE your own best advocate!! (footnote--i did amend it slightly...i think we should remove the words "kindly & appropriately." sometimes things that have to be said just have to be blunt and to the point...and there's not always a 'kind' way to say them...whatta you think?)

  2. Oooo Baby! I don't know the situation but I do know 2 things-
    1. You are truthful and bold (and beautiful).
    2. Someone else is a)uninformed b) evil c)insane or d) all the above.

  3. are you talking about me??????? ahahahahahahahaha!