Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning Randomography

Good morning! It's Monday! I've got some random thoughts that I know you're interested in. So, here goes....

1. Under the catagory, Keeping You Safe: If you are driving in the fog, please turn on some sort of headlights. Hello? If I can't see the street signs, then I also can't see you!

2. Captain and Tenille on your Ipod just makes good sense. Try it, Love will keep us together......

3. When you are singing to yourself at the Walmart, and you round the corner at the end of the laundry soap aisle and get startled by the talking tv machine selling Tide, don't jump and laugh. The other moms in the Walmart will be on to you! If this does happen to you, the jig is up! You might as well sing loudly and talk to the chips, no one will care now. I also found out lots of people like the Captain and Tenille.

4. I love decorating for Halloween! So do my little mooches. If you'd like to drive your little mooches completely insane, put a cute LARGE Halloween candy bowl out, but leave it empty for 2 days. I was asked about 3 times per hour per day, 'what are we gonna put in that jar?' You should always reply, 'Nothing, it's just for decoration.'

5. It's FALL! Obviously, that means it's time for the fall hair do. Check it out:

It's pretty, right? And, very fall-ish. That's my cutie pie husband, the Bossman. We've been married a long time. He looks older than me, right?

6. Which brings me to a random conversation in the car yesterday. Jag was reading a flyer from church with information regarding a ski trip. The dates of the trip collide with our 20 year Wedding Anniversary. Jag was telling me to pay the deposits, and I just said, 'I don't know if you'll go this year or not. That's our 20 year Anniversary.' Out of nowhere, Fox replies, '20 Years huh, well that's pretty good. I bet no one thought you'd last that long.' What??

7. Why do pretzel goldfish taste so much better than regular pretzels? or regular goldfish?

8. SNOT. I hate it.

9. Warm brownies and milk. I love it!

I hope everyone enjoys Monday! It's a random day, soak it in....


  1. FANTASTIC! And, no......i don't read, reread, and read again what I write on the blog..............much!

  2. Expertly written! I have told two awesome people up here about the blog. When you're not crying it is easier to see possible friends!

  3. oh pammy, you are so right! that quote is blog worthy! you are awesome!

  4. Love the fall hair! And... why have we never talked about how awesome the Captain and Tenille are?? And... why don't I have them on my ipod?? I sure wish I could have been there to listen to you singing out loud in Walmart.