Friday, October 16, 2009

How Do Friends Find You?

This is my friend. She found me about 7 years ago. I was lost. If you are lost, when a friend finds you, sometimes you don't know it at first.

We are 'work' friends. Someday, I might tell you more about my 'job', but for now, all you need to know is my job is my passion, and we share this passion. Makes for a nice work environment.

We travel several times a year together. During those times, we talk NON-STOP for the entire time. People around us have either learned to deal with it, or they have disappeared. They make the choice. (Those of you that have stuck around, I love you!)

My friend is bossy. She likes us to have a schedule for the entire time we're gone. Not an 'idea' of what we'll do, but a schedule for every minute. I love that about her! It keeps us busy, and points us in the direction of our next adventure. We find adventures, all the time!

One day, I realized I wasn't lost anymore. It wasn't a grand revelation, just a fact.

See? There we are.


  1. I'm not lost anymore either!! Thank goodness for you Sassy, my dear friend! And don't worry...I'll keep us busy with more adventures!

  2. Cheryl - It seems that you attract the "scheduling" kind of people. We need people like you to make life more fun! I always knew what day school started - you always reminded me of the last day. Miss you!!

  3. I miss you too Rhonda! Remember the semester I made you select classes based solely on when the final was? I think you nearly dis-owned me that year, but we didn't have any early morning finals! :) We were an awesome pair!!

  4. Ahhh....Memories. Keep them coming!