Friday, October 2, 2009

Safety of Kids Regarding Strangers

As many of you know (well, all 2 of our followers and the two of us), our goal is to provide you with hours and hours of knee slapping entertainment at the expense of our families, and some helpful hints in dealing with your own similar life events.  But, today I bring you some serious information in an effort to prompt us all to consistently discuss with our children their safety regarding strangers.

Two days ago, my sweet Big was playing in the front yard with two neighborhood boys.  While they were playing, a silver--what one of the boys believed to be a GM model--pick up truck stopped in the middle of the street and called the boys over.  At this point, we as parents would hope that the boys would think quickly and tell the driver to wait while they go in and get their parents....alas, that is not what occurred.  The boys walked over to the truck.  Breathe easily, no one was taken or harmed in any way...but the thoughts that rolled through my reeling mind were tragic.

The man driving wrote some information on a notepad and told the boys to give it to their parents (I'll print it all below so that you have the phone number as well as the man's first name and M.O.).  At this time, my husband, Mr. Analytical, went to the door to call in Big.  What he saw were the boys standing in the street at the silver pick-up.  He went outside to see what was going on and the man handed the paper to the boys and drove off.  Mr. Analytical never got to see the guy's face.  He did question the boys and take the paper.  Then, we both lectured on the dangers of approaching a stranger and a strange vehicle.

Thankfully, we did not experience the tragedy that so many families in this day and time experience.  Big and Little, both, now know that they are to NEVER, under any circumstances, approach the vehicle of a stranger.

We hope no family ever has to endure the life-shredding tragedy of a missing/abducted child.  Please, remind your kids on a frequent and consistent basis about the dangers of predators.  Let's help each other keep our kids safe.

*If you, or anyone you know, is dealing with a missing loved one, please utilize the link titled 'The Doe Network' under "Some of Our Favorite Links" on the right side navigation tools.

Here's the photo image of the piece of paper handed to our boys.  Notice the spelling of the words, "fenceing" and "morter," and the use of capital letters interspersed with lower case letters.  This may indicative of his writing style.

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  1. that is so scarey! i can't go there in my mind......