Monday, October 19, 2009

Drama Diva: "Let me solve your problem...."

Silly, fictitious story about a woman living mostly in her own head.

OH NO!..... How did I get here? Solitary confinement isn't good for my pours! I'll have to exfoliate for a week to recover from this! Pitiful PollE warned me, she said more than once.... don't pick a side, don't state your case... remain neutral, keep everyone happy. I can never listen!

Really? These things happen a lot.... I can't help it.... I'm right so often, it's a sin to keep my opinion to myself. I'm only helping the world by sharing. DON'T INSULT ME by asking me to remain silent! Then, you'll want to complain to me later. Seriously. If I have to listen to you complain about a problem I've solved for you, one more time, I might not feel so comfortable in the middle of your business! What if I choose to stomp around until you're purple from head to toe!! OR, I could just work anonymously, behind your back making decisions for you.

Certainly, purple isn't a good skin tone, and will clash horribly with your current accessories. Who wears one earring and one bracelet? That's just wrong on so many levels. If you choose to accessorize randomly and irresponsibly, I may have to leave early.

You want to kick me out? FINE!! I'll take this solitary confinement anytime. Let's see if your long arm can reach in here.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Now, imagine me huffing off.... you know, as if I would stomp with these shoes on.


  1. How did you get into my head?!! :)


    P.S. I feel SO much better today! Still sluggish, but much better!