Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happiness Is...

These are a few of the things that make my world go round!  My happiness is not limited to these things and only these things (nor are they in any specific order)...but tell me, which one of these would you NOT take over a hemorrhoid or sitting in rush hour traffic when you've had a Route 44 coke and your diuretic tablet just kicked in?!

1.  The fragrance of all things Hawaiian Tropic--we swim 4-5 days a week every week during the helps drive up the stock prices for the SPF industry and we are being responsible by supporting the economy and the Cancer eradication industry!

2.  Going to the Dermatologist--eradicating zits in pre-menopausal women is becoming my new cause...that and World Peace (and by world peace i mean educating the masses on better sarcasm/wit techniques and timing).  By the way...Boudreaux's ain't just for butts no more, y'all!  Zits are serious.  We gotta do whatever it takes!

3.  Coffee--hot, cold, luke warm, iced, frozen, hot, with whipped cream, without whipped white cell count is almost completely mocha!!!

4.  SHOES!--new shoes, seasonal shoes, unique shoes, trying on shoes, wearing shoes, buying shoes, thinking about shoes, talking about shoes, sketching shoes.

5.  Writing for the Tales of the Compact Blog...and my awesome friend who agreed to partner up on this one!

6.   To laugh!  My favorite activity in the whole world is to laugh.  If I can't laugh at it (at some point in time), then it's not really worth my time.

7.  Taco Tuesdays at Rosa's on the 1-month anniversary of this most awesome and joyful blog!

8.  Sleeping matter what day of the week...because I've worked late into the night writing one of my many books I have in the works, or writing humorous quips on this marvelously witty blog!  That's the way we CTW's roll.  We are a slave to our creativity that showers the world with such beauty and joy!--the muse works on no-one's time clock, and when she calls...even late into the night...I'm poised and ready!

9.  My family and my friends...they ARE the muses!!

10---It's all yours!  What is ONE thing that YOU LOVE?


  1. one thing? ONE thing that makes me happy?

    at this EXACT moment, while all children are at school and Bossman is working... while it is freezing cold and wet outside, and i am happily inside...

    ONE thing that is filling me with happiness is:

    Cacique panties, they are on my bottom, i am cradled in soft cottony comfort.... it's a future blog post....

  2. Snow Days!!! Course, this is at the top of my list because I am currently partaking in a Colorado Snow day and I am snuggled up in my favorite chair, under my favorite blanket, sipping hot coffee full of flavored creamer...and watchin HGTV.
    Today is a darn good day!

  3. One thing? Just one? But I have so many...

    I guess the one thing that makes me super happy every week is waking up on Saturday morning, having the TV to myself while Hot Rod sleeps in and knowing I still have one more day to do this before I have to go back to the bad place.