Monday, October 12, 2009

'Mother of the Year' or 'Did I Really Say That?'; Chapter 2 (Sassy)

My mother is wonderful! She did a great job of raising me in spite of me being her oldest child. (She told me I was her 'experimental' child. She was working out all the kinks of raising kids with me, so she could do a better job with my younger siblings. Ha, ha, very funny Mom.)

I did everything in my power to break her and my father, yet they remained strong. My younger brother and sister had an easier time of it. I paved the way for an easier life. You are both welcome!

Now, I have my own children.

These words actually came out of my mouth earlier this month:

'If I hear one more word about homecoming before Monday morning, we are selling this house and moving back to the big city, where you will attend school with gang bangers and only have homecoming when you're in high school when it is logical to have homecoming!'

Except I screamed it. From the top of my lungs. And. I meant it.

In my defense, it is illogical to have homecoming for an entire WEEK! At our school, everyone 'does' homecoming.... from the smallest 4 year old to seniors in High School, and everyone in between. It can wear a mommy out. Smooth and completely out.

In that moment of being completely worn out, tired and zero patience left for the topic of homecoming, I said those words. You know what? It worked.

Be honest people, after this for an entire week, wouldn't you scream a little too?


  1. Only a face (or hair) that a mother could love! Yet, somehow...I, too love that boy!

  2. I'm with you Cheryl. That is A LOT of homecoming!!

  3. I agree with you too! That is WAY too much homecoming!