Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What If?

What if life was like the DVR? What if we could record all the best parts and re-watch them over and over at our own convenience? Better yet... What if we could skip all the crap in our lives, just like it was a bad commercial?

What if we could?

What would you re-watch over and over?

But, what I really want to know is: What would you skip?


  1. Hmmmm.....what would I skip....most of high school!

  2. if i skipped any of it...even the crap...would i be who i am today? and, would i where i am today? i have no idea...but i wouldn't wanna chance it! "love my life!" ahahahahaha!!!

  3. hmm...good question. i think i'm with PrissE though i wouldn't really want to skip any of it cause it is making me who i am. but if i could skip through very quickly i think it would be that period of time when i thought i could be a teacher! ha that was an awful 10 weeks of my life and my husbands! the only good thing was working together at the same school but the wendy i was during that period was not pretty!! skip it!! although at the same time it showed me what failure feels like and maybe i needed that! sucks but i did!!

  4. Nice! You got me thinking...I believe the "crap" makes us stronger and many times turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I would love to "replay" past events that I thought were tragic at the time because now I could laugh at them or treasure the triumph. I would "skip" all the times I worried over stupid things!

  5. what a delightful little dialogue we've got going here! you all surprise me! i figured you'd say something like, 'i'd skip ingrown toe nails or sour milk'... wasn't expecting a lot of life lessons! well said everyone, very well said!

    wendy put it best today at coffee.... if we'd skipped all the 'crap' then she and i wouldn't have met, so even a little bit of crap is worth these blessings we're enjoying today. (maybe, those weren't her exact words, but i'm still blown away by her goal list, so i'm stunned.)