Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why is it.....?

Why is it that whenever I search for "free clipart" and then sub-search for "two women talking," I don't find ANY clipart of two women talking, but I can find clipart of "narcotics problems???"

Why is it that when a 6 year old boy accidentally launches himself into the sky via his parents' helium weather balloon and is later found hiding in a box in the attic, instead of in said balloon, he is "Debriefed" by authorities.......BUT.......when a suspected terrorist who has been in contact with a top al Quaida official, supposedly way underground, he's "Questioned" by police?????

Why is it that when my children can and do watch TV, there's always a Cialis commercial on....BUT....after they've gone to be and we're watching the "grown-up" dramas, there are commercials with kids in them advertising Pop-Tarts...and Cialis is nowhere to be found????

Today was a day of shopping for me and something occurred to me:  Why is it that we say "bra" in a singular term, yet we say "panties" in plural terms????

Speaking of my shopping day:  Why is that it's almost the end of October and all of the fall clothing in my fave Target is SLEEVELESS!!!????  My tan has faded, therefore my fat arms, which once looked almost like lusciously browned hams, now look like the fatty white underbelly of a pig--and you expect me to poke them through sleeveless tops and think I look smoking hot????!!!!

Why is it that since the state of Texas enacted the new law that it is illegal to utilize cellular phones, unless in use via a hands-free system, in school zones, you now see more school district police and city police in their cells while driving through school zones.....yet the parents are two-hands-white-knuckling-it and moving on out of the zones??

Why is it that even when I just THINK of going to have my car washed, fog rolls in--or it rains!--while I drive toward the general vicinity of the car washing place????  And, I promise...when I dropped the kids at school and decided to get my car washed, it was bright and sunny I drove toward the car wash, an eerie veil of fog rolled over me!

Finally, in looking for my new car wash place and being uncertain of exactly where it is:  Why is that when I'm looking for a new place or reading directions to a new place while I'm driving, I turn down the radio??????????


  1. ah! you turn down the radio to think. i do it too!

  2. Do you have any idea how much joy the phrase "lusciously browned hams"brought to the world? Words are powerful I tell ya!